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Abhlin just wanted to live a peaceful, quiet life away from prying eyes. However, her life takes a drastic turn when her sister Ellysa goes missing and she is thrown back into the life she left sixteen  years ago. Now in order to survive she must confront the horrors of her childhood which will lead to the discovery of dark secrets that will change everyone around her.

More to come...

*Grow and expand your own base to fight the Aristocracy. (Coming - Not in Demo due to story progression)

*Over 50 Unique characters to recruit to set up shops at your base and join in your cause.

*A character book that expands the more you learn about each NPC, who all have their own unique backstory.

*An extensive Quest system.

*5 Unique fighters each with their own set of moves and fighting styles.

*Full cooking system. Gather ingredients, Discover recipes - with different regions catering to different and interesting cuisine. 

*A journal system - As you explore find notes and books which will help you uncover more and more about the history of Realta and the people in it. (Coming - Not in Demo due to story progression)

*A weapon enhance system - collect materials through monster drops and mining in order to mutate your weapons into something else entirely.  (Coming - Not in Demo due to story progression)

*An elite hunt board - posted throughout the varying cities of Realta, the player can find Hunt Boards for elite hunts. Killing one of these monsters results in glory, gold, rare materials, and renown as a Hunter. (Coming - Not in Demo due to story progression)

*An in-depth story told through conversations, diary entries, flashbacks, and dreams to keep the player intrigued but never feeling bogged down with too much narrative.


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Was this made in RPG Maker VX Ace?

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rpg maker mv

Huh, looked like VX Ace to me x3. Looks good though.

thanks :) 

You're welcome ^^

hey! just found a bug in the capital. the church door doesn't open when you go through.


Played through and was not able to replicate. It took to the inside of the church like designed. If it is in reference to the door not animating opening it was designed that way with the tileset. I will add the opening to the  bottom so you aren't standing on the door and it looks more realistic. Thank you for your feedback. :) 

yes it was in reference to the door not animating open. good game so far. enjoyed how the characters interacted. not a big fan of the player character but owin is cool!

I haven't gotten very far yet, but so far I like it and am interested to uncover more of the story.

But I found 2 issues I wanted to let you know about. The first is just a typo. During the dream in the beginning, she says "I've seen this thrown before" when it should be throne. The second is in the blacksmith shop in Flatheas, I can walk on the counter and on the top of the walls.

Thank you so much for taking time to play it. An update has been posted and hopefully will fix these issues. :)